The Team

Most children paint pictures of their pets or favourite superheroes. I loved nothing more than to create fantastical four-storey mansions & painting any available surface in our family home. I like to think interior design is not just something I studied, but is locked in my DNA. I try to retain a sense of childlike creativity and curiosity in my design approach.

Kathy – Chief Interior Designer & Owner

LINA – Creative, Innovation & Communication

Having grown up on four different continents has given me a unique insight to the different cultures, rituals and architectures of our world. It also meant starting fresh, over and over, without really being rooted in one place. I believe everyone should be enabled to feel at home wherever their life has currently taken them, for however long they might be in that place. 

ALEXA - Organisation & QA

I’m an organisational freak when it comes to production and detail management – in the best way possible. To me, it’s normal to be obsessive about getting things completed in the most efficient and effective way. My background is in high-end fashion production where every micro-detail makes the difference and the deadlines are demanding. I find it incredibly rewarding to finish tasks as well as making the impossible possible.