"From start to finish, the team was exceptional. They took the time to get to know us, understand what we like & what we need." – Sam D.

Newbuild (German: Neubau) apartments might win when it comes to practicality, but they can often lack soul. Lucky for us, our clients were already in posession of a plethora of wonderful art, interesting objects and one striking pink silk rug (now a favourite spot of their new family member – and perhaps the most striking addition to their home – Whippet Zuki). These elements gave rise to our colour and material palette.



The kitchen is a focal part of the open-plan living area, leading off from which is the main en-suite, one guest and one child’s bedroom. It is not only one of the first things you see when you enter the apartment but catches your eye as you move throughout the space. We proposed two colour variants – one in which the kitchen base was kept neutral, and one in warm olive. The clients went bold – and now have a unique design, befitting their artwork and their personalities.



We purposefully omitted hanging cupboards in the kitchen in favour of space for the family’s collected art pieces. To contrast with the headier wooden pieces and olive tones, we added soft, pastelly hues throughout (Farrow and Ball).