"As a designer, creating your own space is a dream and a nightmare. In the end, it's all about coming back to basics & designing with integrity. I wanted to make sure our home is a sanctuary – an inviting, easy to live in space that allows you to feel held." – Kathy

Kathy’s home on the outskirts of Berlin acts both as a retreat and a playground to explore her personal taste. It is here that she best finds respite and creative inspiration amid the fields, lakes and forests.


The rural setting was a key influence for the layered, laid-back design. The colour palette features soft blues (drawn from the sky and the lake), buttery yellows (influenced by the surrounding corn fields) and sandy neutrals (representing “earthiness”).

Part of this personal project inculded the exploration of surface materials. How things feel is paramount to Kathy’s experience of a space. The sensation of bare feet on a tile; the texture of a countertop when you’re wipping away crumbs.


The kitchen counter features marbled porcelain stoneware and the bathroom is offset with largely flecked terrazzo tiles.