School, hospital, home. The bricks and mortar of this building, which now houses modern apartments, once saw kids lope and doctors stride down the valuted-ceiling corridors. Stripped back and reinterpreted, the architectural features like the white-washed oak flooring and creamy walls presented a blank canvas for us.

To ensure that the light and airy appeal was retained, we injected subtle pops of colour – pulled directly from nature’s palette. In the open-plan living space, inspiration was drawn from sand dunes and blue skies. The whole scheme is grounded through black elements – like the rope lights and dining table frame.

"A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually" – John Saladino

The bedroom features a purposefully laid-back atmosphere inspired by a more moody seascape. As the room is fairly narrow and long but with generous 3,80m ceilings, we played with wall colour to draw the eye down and visually anchor the bed.