The owners of this 3-bedroom city center apartment relocated from Doha to Berlin with their four boys. The interior design challenge was twofold: get it move-in ready with a tight Christmas deadline and create a space that is both light and minimal – but still kid-friendly.


The 90m2 open-plan living area is one of owner Kristie’s favourite parts of the home, too – “The space is open and bright and there is plenty of room for everyone.”

“The key was using restraint in the design approach – and creating a lot of bespoke storage space. Luckily, the apartment has generous ceilings which enabled us to create floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe solutions throughout.

The somewhat minimalist aesthetic allows the apartment to become a calm backdrop to life’s daily chaos. With four kids it’s good to have a generous open-plan area – the whole family can be together but isn’t on top of each other all the time.”

– Kathy


To create a feeling of balance & help break up the linearity we added organic shapes & textures to the otherwise dominantly sleek, straight lines of the space.


The clients wanted a light colour palette and took some convincing to add brighter components at first – an important element, in my eyes, to stop neutrals becoming bland and to add life and vibrancy to a scheme.

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