Relocating an entire family is often a tough job and requires a lot of patience. Relocating and designing a home from scratch at the same time requires a lot of patience, trust and many What’s App calls. To support a young, international family of three with their endeavour, we worked our way from the bottom up – reassessing the new-build’s layout and electrical plans, before moving on to concepts and finally, full turn-key execution.

As the construction was already underway, we had to be equal measures creative and pragmatic. The largest modifications were made to the original kitchen layout, which was originally only a third of the current size and not in proportion to the large open-plan space nor ideal for a growing family.

Hiring you was honestly the best decision I've made in the last five years. Without you we would probably still be deciding over towel racks six months from now"
Iyad R.

We combined existing and new furniture in an atempt to create a homey feeling. We added little details like the arabesque tiles in the kitchen and hand-embroidered cushions as a gentle nod to the couple’s ties to the Middle East.