Interior & Props

Almost a decade in the interior design industry, I have always been particular to the power of storytelling.

Ideating and directing the final photo styling for my residential projects has always been the icing on the cake – and I quickly learned to appreciate the power of props. 

Styling has evolved into a seamless extension of my craft, as it draws upon my expertise and skills in areas such as conceptualisation, art direction, budgeting, organisation and collaboration.


Example styling for cookware brand STUR

Who is it for?

Whether for a glossy editorial, your DTC e-commerce site, paid social, residential architecture project or a special event, I harness my extensive knowledge in the field to bring your vision to life.


Services include:

  • Creative concepts: research & development 
  • Sourcing of props, furniture and decor 
  • Set-design 
  • On-set styling 
  • Art direction
  • Workshops