"Two great weeks by the sea – and thanks to the wonderful interior design, even the rainy days were filled with sunshine." – Nadja.W

When we first viewed this seaside apartment, it was just begging for a revival: textured wallpaper from the 90’s, sparkly black floor tiles; a kitchen that had seen better days. And yet – beneath all the dated decor, we instantly realised that this is a very special place.


Situated at the end of a beach promenade with a view out onto pine trees, the beach and the vast sea, the inspiration for the interior scheme was right on our doorstep and it was easy to get the clients –
who holiday here throughout the year – excited about translating what we saw outdoors to the inside.

Our goal was to create a cosy family retreat with a boutique hotel flair. We left the floorplan untouched, minus one small modification in the shape of a new window (designed in a paired-back version of the classic architectural style of the area) set between the kitchen and living room, to give access to sea views.

The oak flooring was sanded and re-finished throughout; the bathroom and kitchen completely gutted and re-worked. The main bedroom was given a luxurious but liveable vibe with statement wallpaper and lots of texture.

For the main bathroom, originally tiled from floor-to-ceiling in black and white, we decided to use striking handmade tiles that reflect the hues of the ocean on the walls and a sandstone-effect tile on the floor.