"Kathy and her team created a beautiful apartment for me with lovely details and great quality furniture. She also incorporated some more unusual ideas into the design! I am very pleased with the result." – Ingo J.

In late 2020, our client came to us with an absolute diamond in the rough. Nestled in the heart of Berlin, this top-floor walk-up features a modest 60m2 and a small balcony with prime rooftop views. The perfect starter apartment needed a comprehensive refresh: new floors, doors, electrics. We presented two creative proposals and the client surprised us by
opting for the bolder one with oxblood red walls in the kitchen. This project shows how bold elements can work in perfect harmony with timeless features (like the natural oiled oak) & that trust can create magic results!

Before / After

When re-working a space, it pays to consider your priorities early on. We discussed the pros and cons of tearing out the bathroom and starting fresh vs. giving it a facelift. In the end, we decided that the buget was better spent on new solid oak herringbone flooring and new doors throughout. To give the space a more modern look, we opted to re-do the sink area with custom corian shelving and replaced all faucets for matte black ones. A lick of fresh, water-resistant paint, new lighting and some decorative elements (like the waffle towels seen left) gave the space a new lease of life.